Trey Reed


AGE:   22
HOMETOWN: Bancroft, Idaho
INSTAGRAM:  User name -treyreed81 
FACEBOOK:  User name -Trey Reed 

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS:   None yet.... 
BIO:  Member of the Idaho Army National Guard, trying to become a Blackhawk Pilot.  Also trying to make a name for myself in the NAHA, doing my best to make the transition from trophy classes on a limited budget. Started riding when I was 15 years old and fell in love with Hillclimbing because of my boss David Lloyd (Karson Lloyd's father).  I have been gradually getting better and better every year and hope to keep improving to do well in the sport that I love. 
SPONSORS:  Lloyd's Performance Shop, My Wife, Lucas Oil, SPY optics, Currently looking for a corporate sponsor
            •           What are your goals for 2016?/Future?  Make it to the pro main 450 at every event. Get a 700 class and Open Class bike.  Hopefully make it into the top 10 within a few years. Learn from the other riders and become a contender at each event. 

  • What was your most memorable sporting moment? Winning the 250 trophy class at the Great American Hill climb. And placing in the top 3 at the X-12 in the 250 semi pro with a non-nitrous bike in the inaugural event.  
                •           What is your favorite NAHA venue and why?  Either the Big Nasty, or the Northwest Nitro Nationals.  Both of these hill climbs are promoted very well, have a large crowd, and the hills are the most fun in my opinion.  I like how the Sunnyside hill is changing and evolving the sport more and more each year.   


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