Travis Whitlock

  • Date of Birth: 8/10/1969
  • Hometown: Springville, UT
  • Occupation: Whitlock Collision Repair
  • NAHA Number:  2
  • 2014 NAHA Class Rankings:
    • 450cc Exhibition:  #4
    • 700cc Exhibition:  #4
    • Open Exhibition:  #2
  • 2013 NAHA Class Rankings:
    • 450cc Exhibition #4
    • 700cc Exhibition #4
    • Open Exhibition #2
  • Bikes:
    • KTM 450
    • KTM 580
    • Kawasaki KZ 1428
  • Most Memorable Moments:
    • "Being the first rider to ever top "Le Monte Impossible" Winning $60,500.00. Winning the Widowmaker back to back 2003 and 2004, Nine time Great American Champion, Being part of  Team USA in France 1990, 1991, 2004, 2006, and 2008"
  • Comments:
    • "What is Hill climbing?: Hill climbing to me is Family! It all started with Steve" my dad" Riding motorcycles and climbing the good old Widowmaker back in the 70's. He taught me everything I know. He also made it "in my opinion" The best family sport ever. He always includes everyone, Through the past 40 years we have met so many other family's just like ours, That of which we consider not just friends but family. My mom "Shiela"  Her support is the backing of all our success and she is always there to help out. Now I watch my wife "Lexie" and kids Brooke, Alexa, Landon and Tylee all ride and I enjoy that more than riding myself. I know I couldn't do what we do without all the help of my wife, She hands down works so hard in so many ways to make it all happen. I hope she knows how much I appreciate and love her with all my heart. My little brother Brandon and Angela are always there to help out. Brandon has become an awesome rider, He is so smooth and is one to watch, Then we have my two sisters Stephanie and Nichole along with Lonny and Frog "my brother in laws" Always there for moral support or helping out. Steph, If not at the races she is always taking care of our business while we are all away. My mother and father in law John and lee Ann also are always so supportive along with my 6 nieces, 5 nephews. We may not always be the best or the fastest race team but I can guarantee you we have the biggest one.  Friends, Family and good times, That is what hill climbing is to me.
      To all my fans and the people that cheer me on, This ride is for you!!"
  • More about Travis:
    • Born and raised in: Provo, Utah
    • Married to: Lexie Whitlock
    • Children: Brooke, Alexa, Landon and Tylee
    • Special interests: Snowmobiling, Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Golfing
    • Accomplishments:
      • 14 Time N.A.H.A.Champion
      • 3 Time World Champion
      • 9 Time Great American Champion
      • Multi-time California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Canadian, Washington and Utah State Champion
  • Sponsors:
    • Fox Racing, Maxima, Uni Filter, Gunslinger Custom Paint,  Whitlock Collision, Works Connection, Lectron Fuel Systems, Octane Addictions, Sprocket Specialists, Whitlock Racing, Boss Noss, House of Horsepower, FMF Racing, Proven Moto, Liquid Image, Attack Graphics, Escape Motorsports, Edge Performance, FSF (Family Supporting Family)




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