Dave Bernath


AGE:  36
HOMETOWN: Medicine Hat, Alberta
INSTAGRAM:  User name - superd134

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 2014 5th overall  450 pro in western states series, 2013 nightmare hillclimb 1st place 0-600 class, 2016 Columbus hillclimb 5th place 450 pro class

BIO:  Started riding at age 5 and never competed until age 16 in the 250 junior class in motocross. Rode and raced bmx from 95-97. Competed in bmx freestyle competitions from 98-03. Raced junior class in 96, intermediate in 97, pro in 98-03. Stopped competing because of injuries and came back to ride freestyle motocross shows with hometown friends around Alberta and Saskatchewan in 2005-7. Raced the Baja 1000 with friends in 2006 on a quad. Raced pro moto again in 2008 and then decided to cross the border and try hillclimbing in 2010. I was also married to Danielle in 2010 and had a son Troy in 2012 and another son Hayden in 2014.

SPONSORS: Family (wife ,kids, parents ), LDB contracting, Davanco contracting ,Epic Welding, Ampersand Machining

            •          What are your goals for 2017?/Future?
I am aiming for top 5 finishes in all classes to the events that I can make it to in 2016. I am going to continue to ride and race as much as possible and continue to keep motocross and hillclimbing a family sport.

            •          What was your most memorable sporting moment?
While a long career in motocross and six years of hillclimbing has been great, the Baja 1000 journey was something I will never forget. Basically I entered a race across a country I have never been to on a quad which I have never rode and was scared for my life more than once. From getting thrown over the bars at 60 mph, to waking up on the side of a road from being knocked out, helicopters looking for our missing quad/rider  because I broke the gps ,to tires being slashed at the checkpoint and being chased by trophy trucks in the desert in the middle of the night. Unforgettable!

            •          What is your favorite NAHA venue and why?
I really enjoy Columbus because of the show they put on for the crowd and they make the riders seem like rockstars.

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