Brad Cowan


AGE:   38

INSTAGRAM:  Necrobiker

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Top ten finishes in all Rockwell Classes along with top ten in all NAHA classes in 2016.
BIO:  Brad Cowan starting riding 3 wheelers at age 3 because the pedal bikes and hot wheels weren't designed to do what he was wanting them to do!  Later onto the 4 wheelers....

His first well used "Hot" Yellow YZ80 was purchased when we moved to a house on the foothills of the Scratch Gravel Mountain Range in the Helena, MT Valley.  His father had a fatal accident when he was 2 years old and since his Mother was dragging her feet on the deal of a motorcycle, he was about 11 years old before mother finally gave in.

Ride, Ride, Ride, and Ride some more! Nothing to put a piston and ring in one of those!!!

In 2005, he started building a Honda CR 500 and a 954 Big Bike in his residential garage here in Billings. The brain in the Honda 954 looked like spaghetti, but he got through it!!! He couldn't resist the raw power and the noise, OMG, the poor neighbors. Yes of course the cops showed up from time to time, but....nothing they could do.

We had chain problems, we had motor problems, and we had suspension problems.......... but he learned from trial and error how it needs to be and I swear when you think it's good, it is still not good enough!!!

Brad has done all his own mechanic work besides working a full time plus job.  He is a single Dad, with a couple of good sponsors and Thank God for Aspen Air, IMI Technology and C & C Construction. but never enough with a 13 years old son, Byron that won the Great American Pee Wee Class at 3 and Byron had a huge year winning most everything in the 0 to 124 cc classes, and now has his own 450, Brad had to buy him a new KTM 450 to get his back!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

What a Father and Son relationship!!! Can't take it away from them ever, you can just support it and watch them thrive.  Such a competitive sport while facing all the elements and talented competitors. They all thrive for that adrenaline rush that the spectators and the whole family feel when watching.


  1. Aspen Air
  2. IMI Technology
  3. C & C Construction
  4. JMS Crane
  5. Midway Auto
  6. Cycle Workx
  7. DBE Engineering
  8. The Faithful Mother and Family
  • What are your goals for 2017?/Future? To support my son Byron in his future of pro hillclimbing which is right around the corner and to also continue to improve my riding skills.
  •  What was your most memorable sporting moment?  The first year that Columbus had their hillclimb and it was my rookie year. I just finished building my open bike and competed for the first time on it there.  I finished right in the middle of two of the best hillclimbers around in the open class, Travis Whitlock 6th, I was 7th, and Dusty Beer 8th and I was hooked after that run. Broke my radiator, oil pan, and sprained both wrists from landing so hard after launching the top. 
  • What is your favorite NAHA venue and why?   Don’t really have a favorite since they all are challenging in their different aspects.  Every hill requires setting up the bike’s a little different.  Always changing gearing, length, and or tires at last minute trying to decide what will get you over the hill the fastest.



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