…and just like that, Jason Smith claims the #1 spot in all 4 NAHA pro classes…again!

The final standings for the 2015 season have just been posted – Smith has repeated with his total dominance of the sport…but it wasn’t easy, and he didn’t do it by much.  Competition is intense – these are the greatest hillclimbers in the world, and their skills and machinery are unmatched – as a result, victory often comes by the skin of your teeth.  In Smith’s case, the season was won in each class by barely a hair’s breadth…

In the 450cc Exhibition class, Smith posted 990 points on the season (1,000 points would be perfect) – and Tyler Cardwell put up 985.  Those 5 points that seperate the two riders…the difference between Champion and runner-up…is 0.5% of the available total.  Half a percent.  In the 700cc Exhibition class, the gap between 1st and 2nd is at it’s widest this year – with Smith coming in at 995 and Cardwell again in 2nd, this time with 961.  That’s a 34 point differential – which on the face of it sounds substantial, but based on the 1,000-point scale, the margin of victory for Smith was only 3.4%.  Smith’s triumph in the Open Exhibition class was the narrowest of victories – a mere two points separates his 983 from Logan Mead’s 981.  0.2%.  And the X-Climb was similarly close – with Smith collecting 987 points to Cardwell’s 983…a win by a mere 4 points, or 0.4%.  Note that therefore 3 of the 4 classes were won by no more than one half of one percent of the available points.

That’s close.

While Smith’s momentous 4-class victory is a magnificent achievement, look at what Tyler Cardwell did – he finished in 2nd place in 3 of the 4 classes.  In any other year, when all 4 classes weren’t dominated by a single rider, the lead story would probably be Cardwell’s – but his stellar showing this year is overshadowed by the practically unbelievable performance of Jason Smith.

On behalf of the NAHA and it’s sponsors, THANK YOU to all our riders, fans, and promoters for another awesome year!

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